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XAPO debit card: pay almost everywhere with Bitcoin


The Startup XAPO has a debit card designed, which can be paid to users with Bitcoins. For a trader does not even accept Bitcoin. Another model that Bitcoin makes everyday use. Currently you can not quite pay with Bitcoin in

Bitcoin Startup raises 9.5 Million

Chain, a Bitcoin startup, gets venture capital

After Coinbase in December and BitPay in May another Bitcoin Startup attracted capital from prominent investors. Chain wants to make it easier to build Bitcoin apllications for developers and had closed a 9.5 million Dollar investment round led by Khosla

Would mining be cheaper soon?

New chip could make mining less energy-intensive

Germany has a growing Bitcoin scene with motivated startups with good ideas and capable guys. Good premises for interesting projects. Sebastian Kruse, CEO of the german Asicrising GmbH, ist one of the capable guys and is looking for founders to produce