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Is Bitcoin too slow and expensive?

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Today I saw an interesting video about the fact that Bitcoin is not so fast and keen as always was said. What’s your opinion to that? The description to the  video: It’s true — in almost every metric besides general

VPRO Backlight: The Bitcoin Gospel

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There are many videos about Bitcoin out there and many people tried to explain the pros of the crypto-currency. Also the importance of Bitcoin for banking and the way we pay for something is always an issue. With the new

Great Video: Bitcoin explained in 5 minutes!

Bitcoin explained in 5 minutes

Have you ever tried to explain to someone Bitcoin? That’s not so easy, right?And even harder it is, this is also to be brief and not to fall into endless explanations. All the more impressive it is to see how

The Bitcoin Phenomenon


Bitcoin is not only a “digital thing”. For people who work and live with the crypto-currency it’s even more. It’s a kind of lifestyle, it’s a kind of a revolution. In “The Bitcoin Phenomenon” Bitcoin enthusiasts talks about their experience

Bitcoin price dropped? Relax and smile

Ups and downs in the Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin price dropped again and everywhere you can read about possible reasons for it and the impacts that this could have. But to tell the truth… it’s not really a big thing and we all be sure (at the

Interesting video introduced Litecoin

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and in August 2014 he held a presentation to introduce Litecoin. From the idea right up to mining he told about everything that is important to know. For everyone, who ist interested in

Bitcoin’s true believers at CES 2015

Interview with BitPay cofounder Tony Gallippi

The news about Bitcoin are not good this days. But when it goes bad, things can only get better! Blessedly there are some really true believers in Bitcoin out there and they watch the market and thought about the possibilities that

Video: The real value of Bitcoin

The real value of Bitcoin

In just 6 minutes everybody can have a clue about the real value of Bitcoin. The Video produced by a non profit initiative shows how Bitcoin and crypto-currencies at large open up new possibilities because blockchain technology will drastically change

The Declaration Of Bitcoin’s Independence

Why people love Bitcoin? In this video not only the Bitcoin startups and early adopters confide their view of the crypto-currency but rather people like you and me who love the freedom and the opportunities of Bitcoin. When we say

How Bitcoin works under the hood (video)

You want to know what Bitcoin is and how it works under the hood. Take 20 minutes, lean back and watch the video with the great explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx9zgZCMqXE by