Taiwan could become a Bitcoin Tourist Hotspot

The internationality of Bitcoins is more than just a property that is written on the banner of crypto currency. As show various locations in the world, can develop a regional Bitcoin economy and make it to “Bitcoin Cities”, in which the crypto currencies is commonplace in payments.

Who wants to buy in Taiwan Bitcoins or want to liquidate his Bitcoin in cash, does not have to look far. More than 3,000 retail stores now offer the exchange of cash to Bitcoin, mind around the clock. Of course you can pay as a customer in these stores directly with Bitcoins. Another advantage: It Vouchers can be purchased for other stores. So you can indirectly in stores that accept Bitcoins not even pay with Bitcoin, by going this detour. For tourists certainly a relaxing checkout process.

Even Accommodations are plentiful in Taiwan, which you can buy without the use of fiat currencies for the holiday period. Most units are designed according to the principle Hostel and accept Bitcoins. In addition, some vendors have decided to offer also trips and adventures against Bitcoin. Among backpackers and digital nomads has in particular the so-called Bitcoin House Taiwan gotten around. The property is explicitly directed at advocates of digital currency.

Travelers who move to different regions, often have the same problem: Once you enter a country that no Euros accepted, the money needs to be changed: Not only exchange fees, but also problems such as the high amounts of cash that carries around a tourist with it, or the high fees that he has to pay for some credit card providers, the adventure often make less entertaining.

Bitcoins contrast benefit that they are on the whole world, and the same currency, which can be executed regardless of the origin of the payee and transmitter within minutes. The advantages are obvious: Annoying money change, accounts for high fees and cash risks.

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