Tel Aviv’s Bitcoin Ambassador

It began with a joke. One day about three years ago, the architect Ayal Segev hung the sign “Bitcoin Embassy” “on a whim” to his Tel Aviv office. The reaction of users of virtual currency had not reckoned. “At one time, more and more people came in. Some days were hanging here 20 and more around. “I finally had to clear the square”, he recalls with a smile. Segev sought a new office, and now in number one in the Achusat-Bait-road the first Bitcoin Israeli Embassy housed.

This is where the enthusiasts, mostly young men in jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers, meet and talk about Bitcoins. Perhaps it is not comprehensible for everyone, as you look from one currency – even to a virtual – can be carried away to passionate outbursts. But every Sunday evening at 7 o’clock, when the Bitcoin ambassadors and enthusiasts come together, it is a lively time. “Because money is not just monetary, but a whole system of values and beliefs,” says Segev. “It is important and fragile, also because there are many errors that related to money.” While countries and large companies controlled the money, digital currency belong to anyone. “Bitcoin is a revolution in consciousness.”

The Bitcoin community in Israel is one of the most active worldwide. While a group of enthusiasts is outside the Embassy and discussed under the bright red sign with the conversion rate of Bitcoin to shekels, other look in the interior of a Hollywood film about the crash on Wall Street. ├ťaying with bitcoins is not only ideology and idealism. For some, it’s also about mundane things like saving of fees. “I’ve recently on the website Expedia booked a hotel,” says Assaf. “That’s normal as using a credit card. However, without the annoying three percent on top. That’s great “The advantages for the user are obvious:. There are no conversion costs of foreign currencies nor credit card charges. Also, when booking or buying of things impossible to know who has bought – the transaction is anonymous.

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