Theft at Exchange Platform Gatecoin

During a break-in at the cryptocurrency platform Gatecoin more than two million Dollars were stolen in Bitcoin and Ether. Currently, all accounts are frozen and it is working on a plan of how to compensate investors.

That virtual currencies are not always safe, had experienced investors, as on May 9 took place an attack on the cryptocurrency platform Gatecoin. During the “raid” could stolen Bitcoin and increasingly gone slightly into the focus of crypto currency investors Ether worth over two million US dollars. Exactly how the attack is over, that can not yet be said currently. It is clear that the cold wallets were attacked. These are in contrast to the hot wallets not connected to the Internet and therefore intended for long-term investments.

Currently, the accounts are frozen at Gatecoin. Only from 28 May it’s possible to transfer money in the form of US Dollars, Euros or Hong Kong Dollars from the platform to other platforms again. The company, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong and takes care of the management of crypto currencies, also stated that it is currently working on a plan, how could the affected customers compensate. One tries to raise additional money that they then want to make available to customers. What fails compensation and when those concerned can expect to date is not fixed yet.

At all, 250 Bitcoin and 185,000 Ether were stolen. It should be around 15 percent of all deposits with Gatecoin.

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