Trading volume of Ethereum Classic has collapsed massively

The trading volume of Ethereum Classic (ETC) fell by more than 99% compared to the all-time high in the summer of this year. The digital currency, which is an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, was enthusiastically received by many from the community this July. However, as the data show, these hopes have drastically reduced.

The data from CoinMarketCap show that the 24-hour trading volume has fallen to under $ 600,000 (as of Dec. 10, 2016). Compared to the all-time high of 3 August 2016, where a trade volume of 155 million US dollars was reached, the current trading volume represents significantly less than 1%.

In the past few weeks, the 24-hour trading volume has fallen well below 600,000 US dollars. On 20 November, the volume was less than 150,000 US dollars. Correspondingly, the impression that Ethereum Classic, slowly but steadily, evaporates.

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