Unicode Consortium gives Bitcoin its own code-point

Bitcoin has a step accomplished more in his march through the institutions – recently BTC is officially a currency signs – like € or $. At the first attempt of the application was the absence of proliferation proof still flunked.

The Unicode Consortium has the codepoint 20BF for his many years occupied currency symbol BTC allocated at its meeting last Monday in Sunnyvale digital currency Bitcoin. The alternative currency will probably not simply disappear, it said in the recommendation for the inclusion, as Applicants Ken Shirriff announced via Twitter.

In the first attempt four years ago Bitcoin was failed. In the Explanatory Memorandum which is responsible for the update of the Standards Technical Committee had complained that proof of use in normal text commands. In the now newly launched application Ken Shirriff had therefore submitted a half-dozen pages with references on the use of the symbol in all countries. At the same time he had also calmed Unicode. A flood of requests for other alternative currencies is namely not to be feared.

The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit organization that assigns code points for character sets from around the world, to make them more computing capability. Overall, the standard now includes more than 100,000 individual characters.

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