US authorities auctioned again Bitcoins

The US Marshals Service will auction Bitcoins, which were seized in various investigation cases again. This time it should be 2700 Bitcoins (currently around 1.8 million dollars), may place their bids for the investors, as the US authorities announced.

The money originates from nine different criminal cases, including around the excavated drug marketplace Silk Road. So it is about to confiscations from the case of the convicted to six years undercover cop Carl F., who also took advantage of his investigations into the same Silk Road for blackmail and private enrichment. Likewise, it should also be involved in money from the estate of about twice life imprisonment sentenced Silk-Road-operator Ross U.

Interested parties can register until the 18th of August, the auction will take place on 22 August. To register, identity documents must be shown and 100,000 US dollars are deposited in a US bank – the offer therefore is rather aimed at professional investors. Previously, much larger Bitcoin sums have already been auctioned from the Silk-Road case, not only by US authorities but also by the Australian police.

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