Utilizes the IS Bitcoin?

The IS needs money to procure about to weapons and equipment, or to finance trips. At the same time the banking system it is largely closed, since it is under the control of his opponents, able to trace and stop the payments. The IS is therefore dependent on cash. In the areas controlled by him, he also recently announced the introduction of its own currency, the gold dinar. So he wants according to a video message beyond “the chains of capitalist financial system”, which is based on “a piece of paper called dollars”. Smuggled oil’ll exchanged only for gold.

Gold and cash moving from hand to hand. To make non-physical payments across borders, the IS uses reportedly now increasingly the Bitcoin network. Euros or Dollars can be exchanged at respective stock exchanges in the digital currency. The Bitcoins can then be transferred to other addresses on the network and pay that way. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Users remain anonymous, the money is flowing through the network, to banks and supervisory authorities over.

The hacker group “Ghost Security Group” will now be different Bitcoin accounts found on the Internet that can be assigned to the IS. On one of them had converted three million US Dollars located, reports the website “NewsBTC”, the Ghost Security referred to as “anti-terror group Ethical Hacker”. The IS should have long used the Bitcoin network to collect donations of foreign supporters.

Whether the Islamists actually use Bitcoins, is uncertain. In many controlled by the IS areas simply does not have the necessary technology. On the other hand, the digital currency spread rapidly to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Israel. There are even Bitcoin ATMs.

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