Virtual Fair: Mind the Gap Expo

 credit: IMG_3522

credit: IMG_3522

On April, 10th, the first virtual Bitcoin fair takes place. Hundreds of developers, banker, financial specialists and Bitcoin enthusiasts will participate and looking forward to a day oft Q/A sessions, digital brochures, video-tutorials, live chats and more. It’s also possible to visit virtual expo stands and get in contact with many people in the Bitcoin and finance world. The attendance for free and who want to join have only to register on the website.

“A virtual currency needs a virtual fair”, with theses words Eyal Abramovitch, Co-founder of the “Mind the Gap Expo”, explain the event that will take place on the world wide web, so everyone can be a part of it. To participate you will only have to open your browser on April, 10th and approve your attendance. Everybody is welcome to a day full of information and networking.

As a visitor of the virtual fair “Mind the Gap Expo” you can got to lectures, attend workhops and panel shows right from your computer. Experts like ron Quarantana (CEO Digital Currency Labs), Aaron L. Kaplan (Gusrea Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC), Adam Vaziri (Director Diacle) and many ohter will be there, too.

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