“We want to build the 1st cryptocurrency bank!”

opengraphBanks and cryptocurrency – that’s not an easy partnership. The most finance institutions are more than doubtful about crypto-currrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins. The german “Web 2.0” bank Fidor wants to change the situation in collaboration with Kraken. In these days they announce the start of a new initiative called “Bank platform for virtual currencies”. With this initiative they want to build the first regulated ¬†platform for services and products of different suppliers for crypto-currencies like Bitcoin under the aegis of a banking licence.

The vision of the bank ist to found the first global bank for the crypto-currency universe and in their mission is written, that they want to aggregate, integrate and pool crypto-currency services to provide services for P2P retail and corporate crypto-currency clients. To implement the initiative they look for investors, service partners and operations and co-workers to jum at this opportunity to build a banking home for the crypto-currency universe.

For the initiative the Fidor Bank furnish the regulatory basis like financial control, financial market expertise and banking services. With their IT-subsidiary they also bring in the technical platform fidorOS. Kraken bring in the technical know-how to safe-keeping crypto-currencies and many other experiences.

What do you think? Do the initiative have a chance to build up the crypto-currency bank?

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  1. Sarah Noel says:

    Thanks for your advice! I will try me best to keep it up.

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