Webinar sponsored by BitPay, August 5

Defining Bitcoin legality – that’s the name of part 1 from a webinar series sponsored by BitPay. The Webinar starts onTuesday –  August 5, 2014  –  1:00pm EST and is free for registrated participants. With speakers like Houman Shadab (professor of law) and Tim Byun (Chief Compliance Officer, BitPay) there will be a discussion about the legality of crpyto-currencies.

After attending this webinar you will take away the following:

  • What government bodies oversee bitcoin?
    (IRS, FinCen, DOJ, State Regulators, NYDFS, CFPB)
  • How is bitcoin legally defined? Can it be defined?
    (Property, derivative, currency, commodity, other)
  • What is the future of bitcoin exchanges and who will regulate them?
  • Can it be traded legally?

Webinar about the definition of Bitcoin legality

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