What is ZCash worth?

ZCash has been on the market for several days now. On the crypt-market, the value of the new digital currency (ZEC) is still being assessed. The price for 1 ZEC is now at the price of 2 Bitcoin (1 ZEC was at the editorial time 1.91 BTC or 1.388 US dollar value). This shows at least once, that the unmanageable chaos of the first trading days has laid.

However, given that the supply is limited and the high demand is still rising, traders of digital currencies say ZCash has a long way to go until it becomes a less speculative investment. Petar Zivkovski, director of operations at the leveraged Bitcoin trading platform Whaleclub described the speculation surrounding the ZCash market as “unrestrained”.

This can be seen in the rapid price decline of ZCash. 25% today and a price fell by 200% within the last week. At the last time, a high of 3299 BTC / ZEC (just under US $ 2 million) was shown. (ZCash’s Block Explorer Zchain assumes that just 3,000 ZEC are currently in circulation). To make sense from these given parameters has proved to be difficult for the traders so far.

If you watch the violent highs on the market, you find that it is modest to judge the ZCash price as quiet. The fluctuation of the currency pair has been much lower since its introduction. The price of the ZEC / BTC fluctuated between 0.81 BTC and 2.82 BTC on 1 November. In the future, we will find the real-time price if the supply and demand for ZCash find a balance.

It remains to emphasize how special it is that the price of ZCash is now over that of Bitcoin. This alone shows ZCash in a lonely neighborhood to other digital currencies. According to Zivkovski, however, this is only to lead to new attacks, which will be transferred to Bitcoin, which in his opinion offers better long-term promises anyway. “The early Miners and owners are more likely to use Zcash as an exchange tool for Bitcoin to take advantage of the high prices,” he said. In the short term, this could help stabilize the price of Zcash. Furthermore, the hype had eased since the day of the release. Skeptics now take a critical look at the technology – the first live implementation of the zerocash protocol with a focus on privacy and data protection.

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