Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin

Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin

photo credit: Dave Dugdale

“It has alsways been important to the foundation to make sure donating is as simple and inclusive as possible”, the chief revenue officer of Wikimedia,  Lisa Gruwell, wrote in a blog post and announcing with these words that Wikipedia will accept donations in Bitcoin. they had been asked to accept Bitcoin, so they do it. For the transactions Wikipedia work togehter with Coinbase, the payment processor. The converts the donated Bitcoins into Dollars for the merchants so they have no problems with it.


Wikimedia about the work with Coinbase:

Through our work with Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and payment processor, we’re able to immediately convert bitcoin to U.S. dollars, requiring minimal technical implementation on our end. Since we now also have guidance on how to account for bitcoin, there is a clear understanding of how to legally manage it.

So far, more and more big companies and organizations accept Bitcoin as a payment or for donations and that is a good way to make Bitcoin more ordinary for all peoples. By surfing at the internet, booking holidays, buying computers and many other things, Bitcoin is visible and that raises the popularity of the crypto-currency enormous!

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