Will Jersey be the future “Bitcoin Isle”?

Should Jersey become Bitcoin Island?

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Bitcoin goes mainstream – and more and more people, companys and countries as well are interested in the crypto-currency and the possibilities that come along with Bitcoin. In these days the idea of a Bitcoin Isle is popular – and Jersey launched a campaign to become a world leader in digital currencies. And that’s not only because everyone loves Bitcoin. In fact the plan is to┬ábecome a magnet for business and StartUps. Accepting Bitcoin is cool and helps companies to reach customers. Payments via Bitcoin are accepted at more and more places – but it would be nicer if the States allow banks to accept and trade with Bitcoin. And that is one of the reasons why Jersey wants to become “Bitcoin Island”. The Treasury Minister Senator Ozouf said: “I want Jersey to be an ealry leader in the field!” He thought that the Bitcoin concept is a sector that coul hold significant opportunities for Jersey:

Our infrastructure of world-class financial services and digital expertise gives us the tools to be an early leader in the field. Innovation will be central to Jersey’s future prosperity. We are keen to support local businesses by helping to create a well-regulated and responsive environment for investment in the sector.

A competition to Jersey as a Bitcoin Island is Bali. Videos and articles online promote Bali as the perfect place for Bitcoin Island. What do you think?

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