XAPO debit card: pay almost everywhere with Bitcoin

The Startup XAPO has a debit card designed, which can be paid to users with Bitcoins. For a trader does not even accept Bitcoin. Another model that Bitcoin makes everyday use.

Currently you can not quite pay with Bitcoin in the offline world. This is probably in addition to strong price fluctuations for the consumer ‘is one of the biggest problems with the digital crypto currency. A new debit card of Bitcoin startups XAPO will change that. With the debit card you will pay comfortably in the store or even can pay like with a credit card online, which then uses the credit from the associated wallet. The application can be handled online through the website of XAPO. To register, the confirmation of identity and place of residence is required.

When you pay the amount is automatically debited from the wallet, provided a sufficient amount is present, otherwise the payment will be rejected. A previous charge the card is not necessary and that is also the point where the XAPO card differs from its competitors. About the website it is also possible to buy Bitcoins and replenish as his XAPO-wallet. This works by bank transfer to a european bank account.

According XAPO does the card work in stores, online and at ATMs. According to a XAPO card users, who reported on his experiences with bitcointalk.org the map, that’s no problem. The card is a Visa card, the visa fee will be swallowed by XAPO, so the users. Accordingly, there should be no problems at all Visa acceptance locations. By using the corresponding amount will be deducted directly from XAPO account. It is determined by the current trading price. In a test run the card worked at Amazon like a credit card and at the supermarket┬álike a debit card. Keeping track of his Bitcoin balances you keep on Wallt app, available for Android and iOS. The startup also offers the safe custody of Bitcoins its customers, in which the company these offline stores on encrypted servers that are not connected to the Internet.

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