Ypsilon.Net brings Bitcoins in the tourism

Ypsilon.Net brings Bitcoins as payment in the tourism industry. Thanks to a partnership with the world leader BitPay thousands of travel agencies for bookings made through an operated by Ypsilon.Net platform can accept Bitcoin payments from their customers worldwide. The online agency Nurflug.de has already completed the pilot phase successfully.

Patrick Götz, Director Sales & Marketing by Ypsilon Payment Solutions GmbH, said:

“As a leading IT company in an industry that is particularly hard hit by credit card fraud, we are always looking for new solutions for payment processing. BitPay uses cutting-edge technology and thus brings our customers another secure way to accept on our platforms payments. We have chose BitPay as partners because they use excellent compliance standards and have extensive experience as a payment processor for Bitcoins ”

BitPay has developed its platform especially for traders and payment service providers. BitPay customers can accept Bitcoin payments, for which they receive remittances in local currency. BitPay has over four years of experience in the handling of Bitcoin payments and has established itself as the market leader. The company provides claims to be the world’s most sophisticated risk profiling and tools, in order to prevent fraud in Bitcoin payments, making it the safest Bitcoin payment processor.

“We are very pleased to working with Ypsilon.Net because for us it’s now possible to expand into tourism through one of the most innovative platforms with Bitcoin payments”, says Marcel Roelants, General Manager for BitPay Europe. “Thousands of online agencies can take advantage of a safe, cheap and global payment now.”

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